AWAM has been working with many NGOs through the coalition Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG) to draft and
propose a Sexual Harassment Bill for over 20 years.

Malaysia needs a Sexual Harassment Act as this will create a safer environment free from Sexual Harassment in both public and private spaces. We must table the Sexual Harassment Bill by this November 2020 and not delay the safety and security of the rakyat anymore!


AWAM has been lobbying MP’s and Parliament to push for this bill and have been reaching out to Universities and student bodies to spread awareness Sexual Harassment.

If we sweep this prevalent issue under the rug, more and more people are left vulnerable to such atrocities and perpetrators are able to walk away free to continue hurting others.
It could happen to anyone, including your loved ones

Our Goals

The Sexual Harassment Bill would extend the definition of Sexual Harassment to encompass all public and private spaces while making the legal process less tedious.

It will also provide more accessibility, protection and privacy for survivors as well as equipping people to look at Sexual Harassment cases from the perspective of survivors to better handle their cases.
Goal #1: To raise awareness and advocate for the passing of the Sexual Harassment Bill in November to ensure that all Malaysians and non-Malaysians are free from sexual harassment in private and public spaces.

Goal #2: To raise awareness of sexual harassment in educational institutions, such as universities and schools, as well as public spaces like malls, parks, etc.

Goal #3: To equip and empower all people with the necessary knowledge on the scope of sexual harassment, steps on what to do if you or someone you know is being sexually harassed and any legal information needed for handling sexual harassment cases.

Goal #4: To initiate a social media advocacy campaign amongst all our Malaysian rakyat throughout a 4-week period starting in October 2020.
Please also fill up this petition to push for the tabling of the Sexual Harassment Bill in November 2020!

We will bring this petition to parliament and we need the numbers to show how much our rakyat want and need the Sexual Harassment Act implemented in Malaysia as soon as possible!
To join our AWAM For The Sexual Harassment
Bill campaign, please do:-
1.Use our Facebook frame on your profile picture! Guide-
Use our hashtags:
3.Sign the petition
4. Nominate 5 friends who are also against sexual harassment!
5. Write a letter to your MP asking them to support the passing of the Sexual Harassment Bill
List of Members of Parliament
Go to the link below and find your Member of Parliament based on your constituency.

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