Training is a powerful tool to ensure that people are more aware
    of how gender-based violence such as sexual harassment can
    play out in the workplace-and such as are better able to
    respond to the situation.

    A statistic suggest that companies where the number of
    male and female employee are more equal, experience
    up to 41% more revenue ?

    Tap into the benefits of gender equality at the workplace. Get in
    touch to find out how.
Through our trainings, we seek to realize our vision of a just, democratic, and equitable society to ensure that everyone can live happier and healthier, free from gender-based violence. This will allow them to uniquely embrace their highest potential and become highly productive and contributing members of society.
We do this by designing and delivering specialized talks, workshops and trainings in the following areas.
With the Movement Control Order (MCO), AWAM was one of a handful of organizations that quickly embraced
online trainings as part of our advocacy strategy with much success! From March to July 2020, AWAM has
successfully completed 6 online trainings.

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List of Trainings

On Gender-Based Violence (GBV)

Awareness building workshop which explores gender-based violence by drawing on personal experiences.
Suitable for: Anyone

On Sexual Assault and Harassment

Conducted in lecture style, this workshop aims to equip all participants with knowledge on how to detect, understand, address and resolve sexual harassment.
1) Sexual Harassment in the Workplace for coorperate
2) Tackling Sexual Harassment for the public

On Domestic Violence

A mix of lecture and group work, this training aims to educate the secondary bodies affected by domestic violence such as service providers, the community and coorperate on what it is, how they impact or is impacted by DV, and how we can mitigate its effects.
Tailored for:
1) Service providers
2) Public
3) Coorperate

What is Gender Equality?

Awareness building workshop which explores gender-based violence by drawing on personal experiences.
Suitable for: Anyone

Gender Equality For Men

This training explores gender equality from the point of view of men and answeres questions such as how gender equality affects men.
Suitable for: Anyone

Costs and Benefits of Gender Equality

This training examines gender equality from a strict value-based approach. Does gender equality really mean more savings? Let’s answer this together.
Suitable for: Anyone

  • We provide diversity and inclusion trainings to help build awareness and sensitivity as well as
    cultivate skills on how leverage on the diversity in a group in order to access and maximize benefits of diversity.

    Duration: Minimum 2 days
    Participants: Minimum 20 participants

    Suitable for: Organizations bigger than 20 people


    CEDAW Principles

    This training aims to provide participants with an understanding of CEDAW principles and the three elements of the convention to eliminate conscious or unconscious discrimination against women.
    Suitable for: Anyone

    Wanita Mengundi

    How ca women be more active politically? This training will address voter education, what it means to be a female politician and what does it mean to carry the women’s agenda.
    Suitable for: Women


    There are a multitude of ways of looking at feminism and the feminist movement. Want a training or dialogue on feminism? Using a mix of lecture and breakouts, we will help you arrive at your own understanding of what feminism means to you.
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